Pictures of plumbing remodels, septic installations and water softeners completed by Erik with CTR Plumbing

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Whole house plumbing remodel.

Toto fixtures and faucets throughout except for the Delta kitchen faucet! Under the kitchen sink is an insta hot, 5 stage reverse osmosis and drinking water chiller. We found an unexpected 1-1/2 trap under the hall tub (code is 2″ underground, 1-1/2″ above). Seems like there is always something hidden in these houses somewhere. Its hard to believe that the new Toto cast iron tub is sitting were once sat a concrete recessed tub. Not pictured is a new water softening system and 3/4hp insinkerator evolution garbage disposal with an air switch on the sink.

2 Bath remodel.

Out with the old fiberglass tubs and faucets in with a new tub/shower and marble shower conversion! This remodel started due to a ceiling collapse from a shower drain not being glued and a horrible mold smell! I hope the unit above got a good price on their remodel. In addition to the leaking shower drain it was reduced down to 1-1/2″ (code is 2″ minimum).

Complete single bath remodel.

This remodel took a while. The water had been leaking behind the wall into the plaster and it was literally dust that fell to the floor when we removed the tile. The cast iron trap under this tub was about 3 ft deep. Can you spot all the changes? Click on the picture of the rusted tub for the answer.

Septic System in a layer of rock!

It took a little over a week of hammerhoe and backhoe to excavate the 3 trenches and hole for the tank. This project required a significant amount of planning due to the limited area for dirt, trenches and equipment. Not a tree was harmed in the installation of this system to the delight of the homeowners. I love how the Infiltrator chamber system looks installed!

Another Septic system.

Whole house filter and water softener.

Do you see the problem with the old water softener? This one was only about 4 years old when it flooded the garage of a very nice home. The owner decided to use the opportunity to upgrade to a carbon Clack whole house water filter and correctly sized Clack water softener with a 5 year parts and labor warranty. Hidden on the left side is a hosebibb for a quick spot free rinse of the car.