Whole House Water Filtration

water-filtersA whole house water filter is used to filter and purify the water supply in the home. The device connects to main water line and filters the water before it dispenses through the fixtures in the home, such as sinks, showers and toilets. The filter is designed to remove particles from the water, such as sediment (dirt, rust, sand, etc.) and chemicals (chlorine, ionized iron). This helps the water taste better, provide long-term health benefits since your body doesn’t have to do the work of filtering these contaminants, and it improves the life of home appliances that use water (fridge, dish washer, washing machine, etc.).

Water Softeners vs Water Filtration

Water softeners and water filters both remove contaminants from the water, so the different terms can be confusing. Sometimes water softeners and water filtration are one-in-the-same device, but not necessarily. Basically, when someone uses the term “water softener” it implies that the device removes the hard minerals from hard water (calcium and magnesium). Water filters are used to remove additional contaminants, such as dirt and chlorine.

What do I need?

Generally a whole house water filtration device is suggested after testing has shown that there is a significant amount of contaminants in your water that the filter can remove. Chlorine is a particular contaminant that may be found, since your city may use Chlorine to help clean the water when the water is extracted from nature. You may also have different contaminants if you have a well. Call Erik today to get a thorough evaluation of your home water supply. He’s an experienced, factory-trained technician that will perform the proper testing on your home and suggest the best device to fit your needs.