Water Line Repipe & Repair

Water leaks are a BIG concern for homeowners since they can result in high water bills to flooded homes. CTR Plumbing specializes in finding problems and restoring your plumbing to proper operation.

A leak is your home’s way of telling you that there is a problem that needs to be addressed. It takes an experienced professional to interpret what it is trying to say! Was the leak caused by a bad solder joint, defective pipe, improper installation, bad design, excessive turbulence, water quality, electrolysis, or another problem? If any of these problems are not addressed properly, the leak will be the first of many other problems to come, guaranteed!

All plumbing materials have an average life span. If something falls short of this expectation, it can usually be attributed to a direct underlying cause. Here’s a common example: if you are on your third water heater in 6 years, that is well-below average even for discount water heaters! Choose the right plumber before you buy number four!

Polybutylene has been the subject of much discussion when talking about whole home re-piping, due to the number of homes that have developed multiple reoccurring leaks. If you think you might have polybutylene piping, Call Erik at 480-840-3119 to discuss your options. There are things you can do to protect the piping and slow the process that causes pipe failure and leaks.