Sewer & Drain Jetting

drain-jetterTired of Blocked and Slow Drains? Drain jetting offers a long-term solution to persistent drain problems. Sewer and drain water jetting is the use of high pressure water to unclog and restore proper flow to the drains in your home. It is also known as drain cleaning, hydrojetting and hydro scrubbing. Jetting thoroughly cleans the walls of the drainage piping which allows the water and waste to be removed from the home unobstructed. A clean pipe will also allow our technicians a clear view of any problem areas in the drainage system that may need repair.

Jetting can quickly remove:

  • Sludge and Debris
  • Tree Roots
  • Grease
  • Hard Scale Buildup

Drain Jetting vs Drain Cable (Snakes or “Rooter”)

drain-jetting-vs-cablesSlow and clogged drains can be a big and smelly problem but they do not have to be. Do not accept the “story” that your home has to be snaked yearly because it is “old” or that your only solution is a complete re-pipe of your drains! Cables poke holes in debris and stir things up leaving the problem in the pipes to come back again!

4 really good reasons to consider water jetting over using a cable:

  • Jetting is approved for all types of piping and sizes
  • Cables do not always go where they should! Jetting is more effective
  • Cables can leave quite a mess spinning out of the drain! Jetting removes and cleans buildup.
  • Cables are limited in their ability to remove years of buildup and hard scale! Jetting has less mess and it’s more convenient

Drain Jetting and Cleaning Process

Jetting is typically done “upstream” through a clean out, which is an accessible opening present in every plumbing system and designed to allow plumbers to easily “clean out” debris and other clogs.  A residential sewer jetter consists of a high-pressure heavy duty hose, a jetter nozzle, and a gas powered pump to pressurize the water up to 3,000 to 4,000 psi with flow rates ranging between 3 to 18 GPM. Electric machines are available and convenient however they only create a max of 1,200 psi with 1.2gpm when plugged into a standard wall socket and are limited in capability. Debris that is cleared out by the jetter will flow downstream and out to the city main.

There are occasions when an outside clean out is not available or the line that is blocked is a “branch” line. In the past these lines would have to be cabled first to restore drainage before jetting the line and the customer would have to pay for both services. If the line could not be cabled then the plumber would quote a price to replace the section of pipe where the blockage occurred and jet the remainder of the line. This process is time consuming, messy, expensive and in many cases unnecessary!

Jetting “downstream”

CTR Plumbing has developed a system which eliminates the need to restore flow in a section of piping before jetting can be completed. We have the ability to jet a plugged line through the fixtures drain without having access to a clean out! This process allows us to clear drain lines faster more thoroughly with less mess saving you time, frustration and money!

Why you should choose CTR Plumbing for your jetting needs!

#1 We include high pressure cleaning of ALL drains including dirty arms and traps.  We also jet downstream the dirty arms! Jetting from the roof or cleanout only cleans the vents and main line. Most drains are slow because of build up that has accumulated in the horizontal drain section in the wall BEFORE the drain connects at the vent or most cleanouts! (This area is also referred to by plumbers as dirty arms or trap arms) *The dirty arms are crucial areas!  BEFORE paying for jetting service ask how this area will be addressed! Not all jetting services are equal, some are even twice the price and they don’t address this area!

#2 We use the correct size hoses, pressure, GPM and sewer nozzle required for the job. Sizing the nozzle and spray pattern is critical for properly cleaning the drain lines. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to proper drain cleaning. An electric jetter is only capable of 1,200 psi MAX when plugged into a standard wall outlet and not recommended for anything more than basic jetting service! Ask what jetter nozzle size and spray pattern your plumber will be using at what GPM and pressure. If they do not know the answers to these basic questions get a second opinion!

Jetting services from CTR Plumbing range from single line to Whole house sewer and drain jetting packages.

What is included in the CTR Plumbing whole house jetting package?

  • Remove and clean ALL p-traps under kitchen and bath sinks.
  • Includes high pressure water jet of dirty arms!*
  • High pressure water jet ALL tub and shower traps.
  • High pressure water jet ALL branch lines to the main line
  • High pressure water jet ALL vent stacks to the main line
  • High pressure water jet the main line to the city sewer connection.
  • High pressure water jet laundry trap and dirty arm.

*The dirty arms are crucial areas!  BEFORE paying for jetting service ask how this area will be addressed! Not all jetting services are equal even at twice the price.

Clean your drains safely and effectively with a high pressure sewer jetter and be done! Call Erik at 480-840-3119 and start using your drains today.