Hot Water Heaters

conventional-tank-water-heaterCTR Plumbing hot water heater services include replacement, maintenance and repairs of all types of residential tank water heaters (gas, electric, solar, hybrid),  whole house on demand water heaters (Eternal, Noritz, Takagi, AO Smith, Skye Fortis), point of use water heaters and boilers under 399,000 btu’s!  When installing, servicing, or repairing complicated water heating systems, choosing the right plumber with experience, skill, and training is critical to ensuring efficient long lasting service from your equipment!

This page is a must-read for every homeowner replacing their hot water heater. Avoid purchasing an ENERGY EFFICIENT or GREEN hot water heating system that is improperly designed and installed, or over-promised based on marketing and sales brochures.  Don’t fall prey to the marketing and one-size-fits-all sales pitch before you get the facts. When replacing your hot water heater you will find you have a lot of options and opinions, such as manufacture, type, gallons of storage, btu’s, energy source, size, and prices.

Some of the most common types of hot water heaters in the Phoenix valley are listed below with some helpful information to help the average homeowner decide which type of hot water heater is best for their situation.

Gas or electric conventional storage tank water heaters:

Gas or electric conventional storage tank water heaters are the least expensive to install. They provide large amounts of hot water making the storage tank water heater and they’re the most popular choice for new install and replacements. However, with energy efficiency of around 58% (67% when energy star listed) and an average life of 8-12 years, there is room for improvement and savings. The oldest water heater we’ve removed was 36 years old!

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High efficiency tank water heaters and on demand water heaters:

High efficiency tank water heaters and on demand water heaters are small in size and produce a near-endless supply of hot water when properly sized for the home. They have efficiency ranging from 80%-98%, making them an attractive alternative to a conventional tank water heater. So, why are they not installed in every home you ask? They are more costly to purchase and install; they vary wildly in performance and life expectancy (6-20 years causing buyers remorse with the early failures); they require a more experienced plumber for installation and service; and they have higher maintenance requirements.

Electric Hybrid Tank Water Heaters:

Electric Hybrid Tank Water Heaters are similar in design to an electric conventional tank water heater with a slightly longer life expectancy of 10-15 years. Have a rather decent return on investment over a conventional electric water heater due to being over twice as efficient at heating water. Hybrid water heaters are a newer technology on the market however seem to be proving themselves as a cost effective alternative when installed in a hot Arizona garage.

Solar Hot Water Systems:

Solar Hot Water Systems in Arizona are heavily marketed due to the valley sun and the potential to eliminate hot water expenses. Solar hot water heaters are a great option for homeowners in our area. With life expectancy of 25+ years, federal, state, and utility rebates, and a fairly fast return on investment, solar hot water can be a great investment. However, a solar hot water system must be properly designed and installed or you will quickly learn that FREE results in FEES and the savings are not even close to what was estimated.

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Call Erik, a factory-trained water heater technician:

As a factory trained service technician, Erik will answer all of your questions including the ones you do not know to ask, and explain how and why the system or repair he recommends is the best for you, based on your current and future needs. Call Erik at (480) 840-3119.