CTR SHIELD: Home Plumbing Maintenance Protection Program


CTR Shield is a complete home plumbing inspection and maintenance program designed to save you time, money, and frustration from plumbing leaks and failures! More than 90% of plumbing emergencies can be prevented through regular annual plumbing inspections and maintenance. Get complete home plumbing inspections and basic plumbing maintenance by a factory trained specialist. Erik is a MASTER Plumber and Repair Specialist, trained by manufactures to train and certify other plumbers.

 CTR Mini-Shield Maintenance SpecialCTR Shield Maintenance Program
Complete home plumbing inspections and basic maintenance by a factory trained specialist.YesYes
Homeowner plumbing orientation. If you have plumbing questions Erik has answers!YesYes
Toilets are inspected, tested for leaks, and adjusted for proper operation.YesYes
Faucets are inspected and tested.YesYes
  • Aerators are removed and cleaned as necessary
  • Yes
    Exposed water lines are checked for damage, signs of leaks and potential flood concerns.YesYes
    Water meter is timed for 30 minutes. Helps determine if there is a water leak on the property.YesYes
    All of the piping under your bathroom and kitchen sinks are carefully inspected for any causes of water damage.YesYes
    Drains are inspected for leaks and clogs.YesYes
    Washing machine hoses and valves are thoroughly inspected for proper operation and safety.YesYes
    Water quality test includes hardness and chlorine levels. (Reverse Osmosis tds test also available with filter change)YesYes
    Water Pressure test.YesYes
    All emergency service valves tested for proper operation and leaks.YesYes
    Landscaping atmospheric vacuum breaker tested and inspected.YesYes
    Water Heater Service
    (Water heaters are a major cause of water damage!)
  • Flushing of water heater sediment
    (Flushing of sediment not only extends the life of the hot water heater and entire plumbing system but gives us an idea of how much longer the water heater might last.
  • YesYes
  • Check safety devices for proper operation.
  • YesYes
  • Anode rod removal and inspection*
    (the anode rod is the” Sacrificial Lamb” that prevents tank failure).
  • Yes
  • Gas/ Electrical inspection for proper functions.
  • Yes
  • Venting system tested for Carbon Monoxide Gas leaks.
  • Yes
    10% off our regular rates for all other servicesYes
    Standard warranty increased on all repairs from 2 years to 4 years parts and labor!Yes
    Duration:One Time1-3 Years
    Special Limited Time Offer:

    ONLY $83, includes local dispatch!
    3 options available:

    1 year $139 Save $35**
    2 year $248 Save $100
    3 year $297 Save $225!
    * Anode removal may not be completed depending on age and condition of the hot water heater.
    **10% discount limited to $250

    You will find the shield program to be one of the best investments you will choose for your home this year. Call the plumber that other plumbers call when they need help! Schedule an inspection with Erik today at 480-309-8324 and catch those big problems while they are small!