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Free Quotes to some first-time customers. Get better quality and pay less overall with CTR Plumbing:

Most quote requests with dispatch require a dispatch fee except with some exceptions for new customers. However, repeat customers can still get free quotes by agreeing to a standby appointment or they can get free quotes over the phone or by email or text with detailed pictures.

Why does a “FREE QUOTE” from other service providers actually cost you more money? This is an excellent question, especially with all the free estimates out there. When a service provider comes to your home to provide an estimate, costs are involved. Most companies who offer a free estimate are eventually charging an estimate fee. Depending on the company, the fees are rolled into ALL of the jobs they get, they pay the technician a low wage or commission-only, the cost is written off, or a combination of all 3. This is why we only offer a free estimate to new customers so that they have a chance to get to know us.

Once you see the quality offered by CTR Plumbing you’ll never look for another plumber, and since a thorough, honest and accurate quote is provided by an expert plumber who won’t charge you to make up for other missed fees, the job will done correctly the first time and you’ll pay less overall.

Dispatch fee includes 1/2 hr diagnostic:

  • Gilbert and surrounding communities $39
  • East Phoenix and surrounding communities $59
  • Buckeye or Anthem and surrounding communities $79

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