$5,000 to replace 10ft of pipe, True Story!

What can a homeowner reasonably expect to pay for the replacement of sewer pipes outside the home? Wednesday we were called out to a home to relocate a drain in a bathroom to make room for a new vanity cabinet. The reason for the cabinet replacement was because the toilet overflowed and flooded the bathroom. Company A diagnosed the main ... More

Water Softeners, are they all the same?

Save over 350lbs of salt or more and hundreds of gallons of water every year by knowing the answer to 2 questions. 1) How many lbs of salt per cuft of resin are you using? 2) How many days between regenerations? Changing the plumbing industry one customer at a time! So now that you know what to ask it might be good to know the correct ... More

Can you name the parts, bonus if you know whats wrong?

Today I am talking about 3 pictures. All three pictures were of plumbing in the San Tan and Power Ranch subdivisions of Gilbert. They all have something in common; they had exceeded their usable life expectancy. Similar to tires on a car, everything has an average life expectancy. We rate tires with a mileage warranty. With plumbing ... More

Plumbing 101, what every homeowner should know but doesn’t.

Plumbing problems NEVER happen at a convenient time. Who doesn't know someone with a plumbing horror story? During my discussions with customers I am often asked, "Could this plumbing emergency have been prevented?" The answer almost every time is YES, if you know what to look for! 1) Average life for a water heater is 10 years. If your ... More