Water Softeners, are they all the same?

Save over 350lbs of salt or more and hundreds of gallons of water every year by knowing the answer to 2 questions.

1) How many lbs of salt per cuft of resin are you using?
2) How many days between regenerations?

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So now that you know what to ask it might be good to know the correct answer to these questions. There are “some” occasions were we will vary our recommendation for unique circumstances but the following are our recommendations for the Phoenix and surrounding areas when buying a water softener.

1) Salt efficiency between 6lb and 9lb per cubic foot of resin. NEVER 15lbs!
2) We like to see 7 to 9 days between regenerations. We have sized as high as 10 and never lower than 5.
A few additional things you should know before you buy a water softener.
Quantity and Quality of the Resin is critical to the efficiency and life of the water softener. We have areas in the valley with average hardness above 30 grains. We tested a private well in Buckeye over 120 grains. Anything over 7 is considered hard water. We have seen contractors in our area sell “combo” systems which include filtration in the same tank. We almost NEVER recommend this due to our water quality.

Pricing and sizing of a water softener simplified, leave the math to us!
Pricing with hardness below 20 grains and home has a softener loop.
2-3 people $1,431 plus tax
4-5 people $1,582 plus tax
6-8 people $2,150 plus tax

We do Whole house filtration and reverse osmosis too!
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